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Current Consultations

This page contains information on all current consultations being carried out by the SDPA.

Proposed Aberdeen City & Shire Strategic Development Plan - August 2018

On 24 August 2018 the Strategic Development Planning Authority will be asked to agree the content of the next Proposed Strategic Development Plan for the City Region. The documents which will be presented to this meeting are set out below. Should the SDPA agree these documents, they will then be presented to both Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council for their ratification in September 2018. The intention, should the documents be agreed and ratified, is for public consultation on the documents to take place during October - December 2018. Further details of the public consultation period will be published in due course.

 Proposed Strategic Development Plan 2018

 Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitats Regulation Appraisal

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Cumulative Transport Appraisal Executive Summary

Cumulative Transport Appraisal Final Report

Housing Methodology Paper

Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment

Main Issues Report 2018: 12 March - 21 May 2018 (This consultation is now closed)

The Strategic Development Plan was adopted in March 2014. The SDPA has undertaken a review of the SDP and has now published a Main Issues Report. We have identified a number of issues which we want to consult on which include but are not limited to; the spatial strategy, regional economy, housing and employment land. This is your opportunity to influence the new Strategic Development Plan, before and decision  have been made.

An Environmental Report has also been published which identifies, describes and evaluates the likely significant effects on the environment of the options presented in the Main Issues Report.

The Main Issues Report and Environmental Report and associated documents are available below. They are also available to view at Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council public libraries and planning offices throughout the area.

All comments should be sent be mail to Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen AB15 5GB or by email to  team@aberdeencityandshire-sdpa.gov.uk

A copy of the response form can be requested via email at team@aberdeencityandshire-sdpa.gov.uk

The closing date for receiving responses was 12.00pm on Monday 21st May 2018.

Main Issues Report 2018

Main Issues Report 2018 Consultation Form

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2017

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Housing Need and Demand Assessment Letter

Main Issues Report 2018 Interim Environmental Assessment

Westhill Public Transport and Access Study 2017

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Cumulative Transport Appraisal

Cumulative Transport Appraisal Appendix

 Monitoring Report 2018

 A total of 78 responses to the consultation were accepted and these can be viewed below:





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